RJM supports MPS Arts program

MINNEAPOLIS (January 31, 2017)RJM Construction, a Minneapolis-based general contractor, has contributed to an arts program in partnership with MPS Arts and South High School. Co-Mission engages students in the process of creating a commissioned piece of artwork.

“Our first partnership began with Norwest Equity Partners (NEP) in the fall of 2014. We were very excited to add RJM as a new Co-Mission partner this year,” stated Nora Schull, Arts District Program Facilitator with Minneapolis Public Schools.

Students from South High School learned the professional practices required of a commissioned artist such as planning, studio techniques, and project completion. Local artist Wing Young Huie worked with the students and teacher as a mentor during this project.

The assignment was to photograph construction workers on a job site and translate their transformation of that landscape into interpretative photographs. Artist Huie showed students his process of interacting with thousands of strangers to close the widening gap between perception and reality.

On January 24, the students visited RJM’s office to view the installation of their work and reflect upon their experience.

South High School art teacher Corbin Doty appreciated the vote of confidence the project gave his students. “Something I strive for in my lessons is furthering the sense of trust and community that students experience. This partnership between my student photographers and RJM, under the guidance of Wing Young Huie, got us closer to that goal. Adults had taken a vote of confidence in the abilities of my class.”

This enthusiasm gives a sense that RJM’s investment will have an impact on the students, teacher, and art classroom for years to come.