The RJM Way of Building Schools

Back to school season might be wrapping up, but we’re always thinking ahead to the next year. We’ve learned a lot this year from our education projects and want to share one story that speaks to our unique approach to education. As with any project, there are challenges and opportunities. The Twin Cities International School project was an excellent example of how we worked with the client to bring their vision to life quickly and creatively. Like many other school projects, the project schedule presented the team with the greatest challenges.

Customized approach to meet client needs

The team was tasked with completing most of the project during summer break, which required proactive planning and creative solutions from all project partners. RJM Construction customized their project approach to meet the needs of the client.

School bus staging: The team set up temporary bus staging for 25+ buses which allowed the team to start prepping the site for the new building addition two months before the scheduled start date.

Early site preparation: The team removed the outdoor playground during the winter season to allow for early site preparation.

Early site preparation

Soil Correction: The team encountered unforeseen soil conditions that required remediation. The early site preparation allowed the team to overlap scopes of work and maintain the original completion date.

Thinking Lean: Early release of the precast wall fabrication ensured that panels were ready before they were needed on site.

Thinking lean




Offsite storage solutions: HVAC system upgrades were able to start sooner than expected by relocating previously stored school items to a nearby off-site location.

Minimal disruptions: Creating a temporary administrative office allowed the interior build out to be completed alongside the school’s summer programming schedule.

Minimal disruption

As a result of the creative solutions and efficient workflow, the team was able to add scope enhancements throughout the project and still maintain the same completion date. RJM Construction performs as an extension to your staff, analyzing all the details of the project to achieve the best value. We understand the process of getting an education project started. Our team is committed to being your trusted partner and bringing our best and most creative solutions to the table.