Ice Arena construction requires specialization

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RJM Construction specializes in the construction of ice and refrigeration systems, having completed over 15 projects in recent years. Ice arenas are unique facilities that must withstand extreme climate fluctuations. In Minnesota, this is especially important during the summer months.

Key components need careful consideration

• Proper roofing material and insulation to limit condensation
• Under-slab vapor barrier selection and placement to avoid concrete curling
• Dehumidification manufacturers and system balancing to maximize efficiency and performance

Of equal importance is the performance of the ice plant and playing surface. RJM has completed many system replacements and refrigeration updates, ensuring an enjoyable and competition-level experience for both athletes and spectators. Our team understands the importance the rink floor has on the end user operations and has a quality control program in place to achieve flatness requirements.With many of the ice arenas now being constructed as multi-purpose facilities, the appearance and overall finish of the rink floors is more important than ever.

Applying expertise to guide the project

• Sequencing refrigeration system installation to ensure continuous use during the switch over
• Analyzing the use of waste-heat by utilizing for snow-melt and other potential efficiencies
• Selection and placement of rink lighting to ensure competition-level quality and enjoyment for spectators

RJM has built numerous ice facilities of varying sizes and complexities. Our team understands the critical components involved and how to properly sequence the construction schedule and material procurement to most efficiently construct ice arenas. Our team takes a proactive approach to guide the project from start to finish.

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