Risk Management – construction and beyond

How much time do you spend in a typical workday wondering how you can mitigate risks? Our suspicion is that it is far from the top of your mind. The good news is as your project partner RJM is always thinking of ways to protect your business and ours.

RJM’s services are designed to help mitigate risks

• Project Selection: As a company, RJM pursues opportunities we are qualified to execute and where the funding is available. Our pre-construction team works to compose estimates and constructability reviews in understanding best-fit projects.
• Prequalification: RJM maintains a broad base of quality subcontractors and vendors. On every project, our team conducts a thorough scope review and confirmation of the workforce. Subcontractors are selected on an equitable combination of price, qualifications, and resources.
Quality: Quality control is essential to building a project true to your vision. RJM executes a formal process of reviewing materials and installation details, utilizing virtual design and MEP systems expertise. These proactive reviews alleviate challenges before they arise, protecting your investment in the long term.
Safety: Safety is integral to RJM’s business. We believe that safety, quality, and productivity are interrelated, and we have adopted a comprehensive program to carry out that philosophy.
Insurance: Unforeseen failures are inevitable. RJM maintains a combination of insurance policies tailored to the construction industry and client needs.
Long-term Partnership: RJM’s service team provides routine service, preventative maintenance, and everything between to assure your building or space remains at the highest level of functionality.

What can you do to mitigate risk for your business?

• Identify areas of risk
• Rank in order of business impact + probability
• Deal with the risks and have a plan
• Select a resource to help manage the risk
• Get the entire team involved

Whether in the midst of a construction project or managing your business, risk is something to keep top of mind. Protect yourself with forethought and proactive planning.