RJM’s President Brian Recker Looks Back on 2020

The following is taken from an article posted in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, December 23, 2020.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s lists are recognized throughout the region as reliable and reputable sources of business information. At the end of each year, the Book of Lists is published as a glossy-paged compendium of the Twin Cities industry. Though this is an annual publication, each Book of Lists is as unique as the year it remembers.

For 2020, we asked top local executives of list-making companies across all industries to respond to two questions about the major news events that have shaped the year. Some responses were included in the Book of Lists magazine mailed to our subscribers Dec. 25. Additional responses from executives leading companies that appear in the Book of Lists‘ Construction chapter are featured below. More industry “Voices” will be published this week and next.

Brian Recker, president, RJM Construction

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected you and/or your company this year? Very early on, we created a Covid-19 task force that includes leadership and representatives from each area of the company, including operations, safety, finance, IT, HR, communications and legal. We developed a meeting cadence to ensure we considered every aspect of our business affected by the pandemic. From keeping abreast of CDC and OSHA requirements to equipping all our team members in the office and the field with the necessary tools and safety protocols in place, we have had to move quickly and carefully. It is encouraging to see that many of our subcontractor partners have adopted our model for their own companies, enhancing our effort. Additionally, the measures we’ve taken in the field are applauded by government inspection teams. The health and safety of our team members and the clients we serve are most important. The continual update of job site and office control plans and the enforcement and communication of the Covid-19 safety protocols has become our No. 1 priority. The pandemic has impacted most of our markets, and we have had to make some internal adjustments to the team. We are optimistic about the future, however, as we move into the new year and new opportunities as markets start to recover.

Have this year’s protests and calls to address systemic racism impacted your company and/or team members? The executive and leadership teams at RJM are committed to holding each other accountable for ensuring that we establish and actively maintain an organizational culture in which all members feel welcome, honored and treated with respect. Our existing diversity, equity and inclusion committee led our internal training and awareness programs. As a result of the recent unrest triggered by the George Floyd incident, we’ve enhanced our offerings. We have also hired a consultant to help us regularly evaluate and recommend best practices.

In line with our ongoing efforts to serve others in our community, RJM coordinated and sponsored RJM staff volunteer efforts to help support the rebuilding of Minneapolis and St. Paul businesses damaged by the rioting.