Working to Keep our Teams Safe During the Pandemic

Brian Recker, President

October 2020

Like many of you, at RJM we’ve had to review our usual way of doing business this year due to the pandemic. Very early on as we learned more about the potential disruption, we created an RJM COVID-19 Task Force comprised of representatives from each area of the company, including the executive team, leadership, operations, safety, finance, IT, HR, communications, and legal. We developed a meeting cadence and agenda to ensure we considered every aspect of our business affected by the pandemic. From keeping abreast of CDC and OSHA requirements to equipping all our team members in the office and the field with the necessary tools and safety protocols, we have had to move quickly and carefully.

In the field: Our Safety Director John Boben, Safety Manager Stacy Arnold, and General Superintendents Tony Howard and Curt Sell have worked hard to ensure that every project job site has clear and correct protocols posted. Between implementing hand washing units, extra hand sanitizer, extended cleaning, and most of all, mask distribution and temperature taking stations at the site entries, we are confident that our measures help to eliminate the risk of COVID spread. It is encouraging to see that many of our subcontractor partners have adopted our model for their own companies, enhancing our effort. Additionally, the measures we’ve taken in the field were applauded by government inspection teams.

In the office: Our office team members all have the option to work from home, and a few remain in the office out of preference and depending on the requirements of their job. With temperature taking units upon entry, a sign off sheet, social distancing markers throughout the office, hand sanitizers and mandatory masks, we’ve been able to work effectively and safely. Thanks to the efforts of our IT team, we’ve been able to utilize all the technology available to us to stay in touch and engaged both internally and externally.

The health and safety of our team members and the clients we serve are most important. The continual update of Job Site and Office Control Plans and the enforcement and communication of the COVID-19 safety protocols has become our number one priority.

The pandemic has impacted most of our markets, and we have had to make some internal adjustments to the team. We are optimistic about the future, however, as we move into the new year and new opportunities as markets start to recover.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Along with addressing pandemic issues, this year we continue to build our awareness and programs around diversity, equity and inclusion. The executive and leadership teams at RJM are committed to holding each other accountable for ensuring that we establish and actively maintain an organizational culture in which all members feel welcome, honored, and treated with respect. Our existing DEI Committee leads our internal training and awareness programs and we have also hired an organizational consultant to help us regularly evaluate and recommend best practices.