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The City of Plymouth broke ground on Phase 1 of the new Plymouth Creek Center project on Friday, October 23. The center will replace the existing facility that no longer meets the needs of the growing population. Scheduled for completion in the fall of 2022, the center will include numerous amenities including two full-size gymnasiums, an indoor playground, multipurpose rooms, fitness studios, senior spaces, and more.

The $49 million facility, designed by HGA Architects, incorporates public feedback gathered from the City of Plymouth’s community engagement initiative launched in 2018. Phase 1 and Phase 2 include both the renovation of the existing building and an 80,000-sf expansion. When completed, the center will be comprised of an Event Wing, Education Wing, and Active Wing.

RJM has partnered with The City of Plymouth for more than 15 years on various construction projects including the Hilde Performance Center, Plymouth Ice Center Addition, Plymouth Training Center, and Plymouth Fire Stations #2 and #3.

“RJM looks forward to continuing our work with the City of Plymouth and HGA to bring the project to life. As a team we’ve seen so much creativity and dedication thus far, and we are excited about the unfolding progress over the next two years,” said Brad Barickman, RJM’s Vice President, Community.

“This project will transform the Plymouth Creek Center from a 20-year-old activity center with limited capacity to a versatile hub for sports, fitness, wellness, recreation, arts and more,” said Plymouth Parks and Recreation Director Diane Evans. “When finished, it will reflect the priorities residents shared during an 18-month community engagement process and further enhance our community’s quality of life.”