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Each quarter RJM’s Director of Safety Stacy Arnold hosts a safety meeting. This meeting is designed for superintendents and foremen, but depending on the topics covered the project management teams are also invited to participate. Typically the fourth quarter safety meeting is used as an annual review and celebration.

As a group we discuss lessons learned throughout the year and celebrate safety best practices and wins! The training provided at this session covered all the aspects of  stretching, and the importance of a daily routine of stretching to prevent injury. Bre Posey Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) is a professional that RJM brought in to deliver this training and give tips to workers.

In 2021 RJM launched the Safety Homerun Program for field staff. This program recognizes employees for creating a safer work environment on the job site. RJM celebrates a one winner monthly, quarterly, and yearly. We are very proud of our team for engaging in the program, and for their diligence in continuing to foster a safe workplace.

Monthly Winners

Andrew Rueckert

Jacob Solmonson

Tom Peterson

Mike Veaderko

Malon Lindquist

Justin Swendra

Todd Budensiek

Marvin Parrish (twice)

Patrick Lawry

Mike Trisler (twice)

Brian Keillor

Curtis Scarver

Joe Moritz

Matt Fligge

Quarterly Winners

Mike Veaderko

Chris Lindholm

Todd Budensiek

Yearly Winner

Todd Budensiek

As we move into 2022, we are excited about continuing our safety programs and best practices.