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Our team is dedicated to the highest safety standards.

RJM’s Safety Team Leads the Way

Our experienced safety team provides leadership and oversight on every project. We analyze each project’s proposed safety plan and guide the entire team to ensure compliance. Before any subcontractors begin work, they are required to participate in RJM’s safety orientation and adhere to our safety policy, from Day One.

To ensure hazard-free working environments our policy is to provide required safety training for all employees, utilize high-performing safety equipment, and set clear expectations and standards for subcontractors.


Safe Today Here Tomorrow

Actively Demonstrating Our Commitment to Safety

Awards and recognition:

Minnesota Safety Council Meritorious Achievement Award in Occupational Safety

At RJM we
  • Comply with with federal, state, and local regulations governing the workplace
  • Promote safety awareness
  • Employ an open communication policy to enforce safety standards
  • Take prompt and thorough action to address unsafe conditions or performance

While we take safety seriously at RJM, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun getting our message across.

Watch our safety rap video.