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Navigation through CMa and CMr Delivery 

More and more, as business owners and community leaders embark on their construction projects, they seek to team up with a trusted partner who will navigate them through the process, with budget and quality top-of-mind. We are experts in both Construction Management-Agency (CMa) and Construction Management-at-Risk (CMr) delivery options. 

RJM worked hand-in-hand with the city and the design team to ensure that on bid day, the Hopkins Pavilion project came in on budget. Plus, RJM successfully delivered the project on time, and within budget. I always felt confident with Brad and his team; they looked out for the city’s best interest at every stage and helped us to resolve any challenges. We now have a beautiful facility the entire community can enjoy.

– Steve Stadler, Public Works Director, City of Hopkins
Construction Management – Agency (CMa)

Under CMa delivery, the owner enters a contract with each individual subcontractor. This presents more risk for the owner because they are contractually responsible for any subcontractor’s performance failure. It also means the owner manages each individual contract, including monthly pay applications, and processing and executing design change documentation. With a CMa delivery method, the owner is managing the contracts and subcontractors so the construction manager does not provide a guaranteed maximum price and has reduced control over the schedule and budget. For owners who prefer to be closely involved in these parts of a project, CMa may be the preferred choice. 

Construction Management-at-Risk (CMr)

In the CMr delivery, all awarded contracts are reassigned to the CM and the CM is contractually responsible for the work of all contractors. With a single contract between the owner and the CM, the owner doesn’t carry the risk of managing multiple direct contracts so time is freed up to focus on daily responsibilities without the pressure of handling payment applications, lien waivers, warranties, etc. A good CM will act as an extension of an owner’s business. 

In addition to less administrative work, there’s only one application for payment each month and payment to make because all invoicing and payments are handled by the construction manager internally. And because the construction manager holds all the subcontracts and provides a guaranteed maximum price, the construction manager assumes full responsibility of the schedule and budget. As a result, the CMr method can be a budget-saver because there’s less need for a third-party to manage and administer a general contract project. 


Guiding Your Project With Practiced Hands

The RJM team brings personal attention and hands-on experience to your construction journey. We know that success takes clear communication, planning, and flexibility, even as project conditions change. Count on us for creative ideas, game-changing insights, and the best construction experience possible.