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Frequently Asked Questions

At what point in the evolution of a project should I hire a general contractor or construction manager?

If you are considering a project, the first step is to hire an architect and general contractor or construction manager. Some clients hire architects first, and others hire their construction partner first. We believe it is never too early to bring a construction partner onto your team.  RJM can add value during design from a builder’s perspective to ensure quality, materials availability, and that the design aligns with the budget. RJM can also assist with the evaluation of competing sites, whether existing or new, and we guide the client in making the most economical decision. 

Does RJM work outside of the seven-county metropolitan area or outside of the state of Minnesota?

While a majority of RJM’s client base is located within the metropolitan area and state of Minnesota, RJM will work with existing clients to complete projects in other parts of the country. RJM has performed work throughout the state of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio, Colorado, and Arizona.  If you are considering a project outside of Minnesota and RJM’s expertise would be valuable, we would be happy to discuss your project with you.

How do you ensure that all subcontractor partners are working together in harmony on a project?

We know that a project’s success relies heavily on the reliability and quality of the subcontractors engaged to perform the work. We are committed to building long-term partnerships with our subcontractors, just as we are with our clients. The RJM project executives and managers, superintendents, safety, quality, and field staff work together to set high expectations for our subcontractor partners. By meeting our standards, we ensure that we deliver your project according to your vision.

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We are at the beginning stages of planning our design-build project. How do you work with other project partners such as architects, engineers, and consultants?

At RJM, we value our relationships with our industry partners. Since our inception, we have firmly believed that success is a collaborative effort between client, architect, engineers, and consultants, and the construction team. Our efforts in this area is  was recognized by the AIA of Minnesota with a Special Award presented to RJM Construction. 

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What is your process to ensure that the budget and schedule stay intact during all the phases of a project? How do you communicate the project status?

From the very beginning, we create a communication plan that includes the project team and your stakeholders. During preconstruction, RJM meets with all project stakeholders to communicate the budget and schedule status to achieve the best possible value in consideration of both function and design. As we move into construction, we update the project budget and schedule regularly and share that information openly and transparently with the entire team. 

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RJM has completed many projects in the community sector. What is the breakdown of work across your other markets?

While RJM has earned a high profile in the community sector, we have also built a wide variety of other projects in the healthcare, corporate, and multifamily markets. From specialty medical clinics to historical renovations and more, we bring our resources and knowledge so that each project gets equal amount of attention and dedicated expertise.

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In addition to large structures and specialized work, does RJM manage smaller projects?

While we are experts in delivering large, complex projects, we also complete a significant amount of smaller projects valued at $100K or less. No matter the scope, we match our resources to meet the requirements of the job. From building an NHL ice rink on the roof of a renovated department store, to tenant interior office renovations, our nimble, experienced team knows how to get the job done.  

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How do you choose your teams for awarded projects? How do I know I can trust the team you choose?

We consider the team very early on in the entire process to ensure we have exactly the right expertise and fit for your project. RJM selects project teams based on their experience and availability. Our team has the breadth and depth required for each of our markets to ensure successful and smooth delivery. 

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