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Kris Hahn celebrates 10 years of success and growth as Project Executive at RJM Construction

September 14, 2022

25th Anniversary Spotlight Series


Tell us how long you have been with RJM and how did you start your career here?

I started my construction career in 2002 on the design side at Ericksen Roed and Associates.  While working at ERA, I went back to school at nights to study construction management. I first heard of RJM Construction while working at ERA and one of the owners helped connect me with RJM. While I was looking for an internship, I had two offers which included RJM in Plymouth and a small contractor in Hastings.  I lived on the east side of the metro, so I almost took the opportunity closer to home, but felt like RJM was the better fit and it proved to be the right decision. My career started at RJM in 2008 as a non-traditional intern and was hired as a full-time project engineer after a few months.  I am now celebrating my 10th anniversary this month.

What has your career path looked like at RJM?
  • Started as an intern in spring of 2008.
  • Hired full time as a project engineer in fall of 2008.
  • Promoted to a project manager in 2009.
  • Left RJM for a family relocation in 2014.
  • Returned to RJM as a senior project manager in 2018.
  • Promoted to project executive in 2020.


What are your three largest or most high-profile projects during your tenure, and what was the most memorable aspect of working on those jobs?   

TCO Edina Crosstown Medical Building & Parking Ramp (2009-2010) This is still my favorite project completed in my career.

I was just starting my career as a project manager. At the time, this was the largest project RJM had completed. We gave project tours. There was a lot of excitement built up for this project throughout the office.  It was a challenge due to the small site and large building. This is still one of the largest buildings TCO has ever built. The most memorable part was working with the owner group which included Troy Simonson with TCO and Gary Hegenes with Hegenes Management. They made the meetings fun, Gary would always start out with a joke.

Ford Center Remodel (2010 – 2011)

This project is a historical renovation of an old Ford plant/office building in North Loop Minneapolis. It was a very challenging and unique project. It was fun to be a small part of something so big.

Methodist Hospital Birth Center Remodel (2012-2014)

The project was a major phased full remodel of the existing birth center at Methodist Hospital. The project was completed while keeping the birth center open for all patients. It was my last project at RJM before my relocation in 2014. It was also the last project that Mike Johnson and I worked together on as a PM/superintendent team at Methodist Hospital.


How has working at RJM contributed to your professional development goals?

RJM has always provided and encouraged career growth as shown in my progression from intern to my current position as project executive.. I was able to contribute in a large way when we originally set up RJM University which served as RJM’s first training program. I now work alongside Tim Ryan to host RJM 101 which is the most current RJM training program.

I am very proud that I was able to train and mentor several PM’s that have gone on to have successful careers including Curtis Sell and Bryce Kamenick. I was lucky to have a great mentor at the start of my career at RJM in Rodney Hintz. He helped me build a good base of skills that helped me be successful in managing projects.


In what ways has your role contributed to the success of RJM?

I would say mentoring and training the next generation of PM’s is one way. I also try to assist others with learning from mistakes I have made along the way so we can try to avoid repeating those mistakes. I encourage our staff to be builders, not just managers and estimators.  Really look at the details and challenge the design and constructability when needed.  Any contractor can build what is on the plans, a high-quality contractor looks at how to build with high quality and efficiency to improve the final product.


What is the most significant change you have witnessed about RJM over the years? Or what is the thing that has always remained the same?

RJM has grown a lot since I first started in 2008.  Back then we were in a little office in Plymouth and the office has grown significantly over the years.  The constant in all that growth has been a leadership team that genuinely cares for the employees, provides opportunities, and offers flexibility.


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