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Charter Schools Expertise

Leading the Marketplace

RJM has worked with more than 20 charter schools in the State of Minnesota.  We continue to lead the Minnesota marketplace in construction management services for charter schools.

Realizing Your Vision

We know that constructing mission-driven learning environments is a team effort, starting with understanding how we can tailor our expertise to meet the needs of your community. As your partner, RJM will deliver your project true to your vision, working proactively with the architect and your team to ensure your new facility represents the culture and vision of those who reside within it.

Unique Process

We understand the unique process and importance of setting the GMP early in design and utilizing the MN tax-exempt statutes. Additionally, RJM’s in-house MEP expertise will coordinate with the design team on the most efficient design possible.

Your Advocate

We know that building a new facility or undergoing a renovation while maintaining your vision and mission and serving your staff and students can be challenging. This is what we do every day, and you can count on RJM to be your construction expert and advocate, representing your interests throughout the entire process. We will collaborate with your charter school and its stakeholders to make the process a successful and rewarding experience.