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Furniture and Things Community and Event Center

The City of Elk River selected RJM to build a multipurpose facility to accommodate the needs of the community.

Features include two sheets of ice, a track, senior center, community rooms, turf field house, two new softball fields, pavilion, concessions building, and expanded parking.
One of the challenges the team faced was a cold winter with a lot of snow, preventing closing the roof over Arena 2, adding close to 20 working days to the original schedule. Through collaboration with subcontractors, the team revised the schedule and phasing plan to flow our workers on site. The team recovered all of the lost days and successfully turned over the project earlier than scheduled.

RJM worked diligently with 292 Design during the project on constructability and cost-effectiveness for proposed design changes. In addition, RJM provided construction recommendations that aided in the performance longevity of the building and exterior spaces.

The facility will serve the entire community for a variety of purposes, from small potlucks, youth and adult athletics. to concerts with 1,600 people or more.

Project Details
City of Elk River


Project Type
Sports and Recreation

Elk River, MN

Square Feet

Total Project Cost
$10.5 Million

292 Design Group

Project Summary
Elk River Multipurpose Facility and Lion John Weicht Park.pdf
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