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RJM Nears Halfway Point on Duffey Lofts Renovation Project in the North Loop

May 6, 2021

Justin Lee, Project Manager

The $40 million Duffey Lofts project started in fall 2020 and we are roughly at the halfway point, with completion set for late fall 2021. This CHASE-certified, adaptive reuse project will serve the multifamily market in the North Loop in Minneapolis, providing another refreshed, lively mixed-use space for this vital area of the city.

The three main components of the project, Iron Store Apartments, Steel Warehouse, and the Lindsay Building all require RJM’s historical renovations expertise.

The Iron Store Apartments build-out is progressing and the Clubhouse addition is underway. Located on the seventh level, the Clubhouse is a unique feature for tenants providing communal amenity space equipped with an outdoor patio, dog run area, and green roof planting. We are excited to see this space progress, as it surrounds a new lightwell, which was constructed through the middle of the 100-year-old concrete building.

The RJM team demolished the interior of the existing warehouse, preserving the outer shell to build a new structure within. This space will be known as the Steel Warehouse.

The construction of the new level three Comslab and Delta Beam structure, which will serve as the parking garage, apartment units, and, an expansive public co-working space, is nearly complete. This is currently the largest Comslab project in the state of Minnesota.

The structural enhancements at the Lindsay Building are nearly complete and interior framing will begin shortly. This building is fully constructed from wood timbers and a substantial amount of coordination has been required to reinforce the existing structure while maintaining the historic elements that make it special. This building is a mixed-use space with retail and parking on the first floor and basement levels, and apartment units on the second level.

All three structures of the Duffey Lofts project are over 100 years old. This is a unique and rewarding project to lead, and I am excited about the progress we make each day. Stay tuned!


When we began this project last fall, we knew it was going to be a unique challenge to preserve the historical significance of three iconic buildings while modernizing the structure to meet today’s needs. The RJM team and our trade partners are continuing to drive our efforts to meet the schedule on time while maintaining a focus on preservation of the North Loop’s rich history.

– Carter Vargo, Vice President, Corporate and Multifamily
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