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RJM’s Alexus Jackson shares her impressive journey from intern to project engineer I

August 1, 2022

25th Anniversary Spotlight Series


One of the ways RJM has grown over the years can be seen in the development of our internship program. Along with celebrating our long-term employees during our anniversary year, we want to acknowledge the fresh talent on our team. Today we shine the light on Alexus Jackson, who started with RJM as an intern and is now a full-time employee.

Tell us how long you have been with RJM and how did you start your career here?
I have been at RJM Construction for a little over a year. I first learned of RJM at the Dunwoody Career Fair in 2020, where I was impressed by the welcoming presence and knowledge shared by the RJM team.

What has your career path looked like at RJM?
I was eager to get started at RJM once I had accepted the internship position for the summer of 2021. However, I was able to start in early March to help RJM’s full-time project coordinator staff before my official internship began. During my time as a project manager intern, I had the privilege of working with different market sectors and had various tasks throughout my internship, I was able to put what I had been learning in college into practice by completing submittals, RFI’s, punch lists, closeouts, and safety walks. Having this experience was significant in helping me to finish my education and understanding the importance of what Dunwoody was teaching me and how it transferred to real-life scenarios. After my summer internship, I worked part-time with RJM while finishing my last year of school. As soon as I graduated from Dunwoody with my bachelor’s in construction management I started full-time as a project engineer I in May of 2022.  

What are your largest or most high-profile projects during your tenure, and what was the most memorable aspect of working on those jobs?  

  • Duffey 1.0 – As my first job ever I would say that a 188-unit, multifamily building is not an easy one, but the entire Duffey team made it through to the end and it was rewarding to see everything come together and see tenants living in a building that you spent so long working on!
  • Duffey 2.0 – I am now getting started on Duffey 2.0 (which is twice the size of 1.0) and my first project in my role as a project engineer I. I am excited to get to work with the same project partners and have a better understanding of what is required to make this another successful RJM project.


How has working at RJM contributed to your professional development goals?  
RJM has always encouraged us to take the time to develop as professionals. I enjoy that every month we have a touch-base meeting to ensure we are on track with our career goals and talk through the steps needed to accomplish those. Personally, I have been able to grow as a professional through my participation in our Employee Engagement and Wellness Committee and have been able to grow outside of RJM through professional organizations such as MNCREW and AWC.

In what way has your role contributed to the success of RJM?
My role contributes to the success of the RJM team by being goal-oriented and communicating effectively with project partners. As I have gotten more familiar with the RJM team I have learned to ask a lot of questions. With each question, I have been met with helpful answers and learning opportunities. This team dynamic has helped me to advance as a professional and has contributed to working smarter and more effectively on projects.

What is the most significant change you have witnessed about RJM over the years? Or, what is the thing that has always remained the same? (Example: teamwork, camaraderie, etc.)  
I would say the thing I have seen that always remains the same is that anyone who comes to work for RJM is always greeted with open arms by the company. Everyone is very helpful and eager to have another person on the team.

What does it mean to surpass client expectations? 
Exceeding customer expectations means delivering a project in a professional manner, leaving a lasting, memorable impression, and engaging regularly with clients.

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