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The recent events and unrest surrounding the death of George Floyd have caused frustration and anxiety for everyone in our communities, and we join them and our business partners in condemning the actions of the police officers involved in this horrific act. We extend our sincere sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of George Floyd, and all who have been affected.

Civil unrest can take place when leadership lacks accountability. The executive and leadership teams at RJM are committed to holding each other accountable for ensuring that we establish and actively maintain an organizational culture in which all members feel welcome, honored, and treated with respect. At RJM we strive to ensure that our business is inclusive and respectful, and we make clear we do not tolerate discriminatory behavior ─ whether from our own team members or business partners ─ toward any individual.

How are we doing this? Our existing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee works hard to develop training, surveys, and opportunities to engage in learning to increase awareness about equity and inclusion. We employ a consultant to help us continuously evaluate and recommend best practices. While this is an ongoing effort, we are also taking immediate steps to contribute to the healing and repair work so desperately needed in our communities.

In times of adversity, many find their true strength, humanity, and genuine desire to help others; we have witnessed story after story of people who are contributing to making things better. RJM will coordinate and sponsor RJM staff volunteer efforts to help support the rebuilding of Minneapolis and St. Paul businesses damaged by the rioting. Our Employee Engagement and Wellness Committee will partner with our DEI Committee to make recommendations for our team’s outreach.

During such tumultuous times we all must look to ourselves and each other to do what we can to make a difference going forward. We must continue to look for ways to serve our community members in need.  We must also look for ways to help foster change so that the tragic death of George Floyd does not become lost but continues to be a reminder to us all for the changes needed in our nation.