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Marlee Gartner, Project Engineer III

The Minnetonka Momentum program is for Minnetonka High School juniors and seniors wishing to explore post-secondary opportunities in the trades. One track in the program features the construction industry and related career paths. The goal is to provide options to those students looking for a successful career path without having to attend a four-year college degree right out of high school.  

RJM was honored to be invited to contribute to this program along with HGA architects. Last year, along with myself, RJM’s Mike Johnson, quality control director, and Stacy Arnold, director of safety, worked together with the design team and leaders of the program on an interactive learning session with students. We provided a general industry overview including the roles of construction and architecture firms. We discussed typical project phases and invited the students to learn about an actual RJM/HGA project, the $41.5 million  Plymouth Creek Center.

On Friday, May 21, we had the opportunity to take the students to the Plymouth Creek Center job site. Here we walked through the site and provided the details of the current project phase and related components, along with safety and quality.

This is an exciting project to be involved with, and I am especially encouraged to see the diverse group of students interested in this career pathway. Thanks to everyone at Minnetonka High School and the entire project team!