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By Justin Johnson, Chief Estimator

No matter the type of project, from complex medical facilities to contemporary office spaces and community sports centers, budget is typically a driving concern of clients. Starting with our estimating team during the preconstruction phase, at RJM, we take responsibility to ensure the best possible value is achieved, taking into consideration both function and design. Our dedicated team of eight in-house estimators have nearly 75 combined years of experience working with owners, design teams, and a wide range of subcontractor partners on a variety of projects. Additionally, many team members have held project management roles and in the field. This well-rounded perspective enables us to consider multiple factors during the estimating process and to pinpoint potential challenges before they arise.

Collaboration is Key

As the estimating phases unfold, we work to provide continuous, real-time cost evaluations so that we identify the impact of both foreseeable and unforeseeable costs right away. This approach allows our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project cost, so they can maximize design options according to what is most valuable to them.

We work concurrently with the design team to ensure that we address all features and requirements, as well as any that may be unaccounted for. This collaborative process saves time and unanticipated challenges later on. Our estimators do their own quantity estimation, removing the risk of relying solely on subcontractor estimates.

We create the building block to identify a cost range, giving feedback on the project as a whole, which gives the owner the confidence to make critical budgeting decisions. Our “real-time” data supports accurate estimating, leaving no surprises on bid day. Through strategic subcontractor engagement, we capture the true value of the market.

Serving our Clients

This level of attention to detail, accuracy, and control of the budget is driven by our goal of serving the owner’s best interest at all times. We consider it our job to inform owners and clients of how shifting trends in the marketplace may impact their original budget estimate. Additionally, there may be unique design features, site remediation, or other unforeseen items that may exceed contingency allowances. Early identification of these risks can avoid budget overruns, not to mention the associated headaches and schedule snags.

Our team’s collaborative and proactive estimating process brings value to our clients and lays the foundation for successful projects.