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Congratulations to Curtis Sell Jr., Josh Arbogast, Hunter Koesters, Jack Benson, and Matt Severson on their promotions!
Promoted to Project Executive

Curtis Sell Jr. started with RJM as an intern while attending Minnesota State – Mankato, then upon graduation has held roles as project engineer, project manager, and most recently as Sr. Project Manager.  He is detail oriented, always prepared, and does a great job of building relationships with clients and designers.  Over the past few years, Curtis has been instrumental in helping RJM win many projects as part of RFP interview teams, and is able to quickly gain confidence as a construction expert even with the most demanding audiences.

Promoted to Project Manager

Josh Arbogast came to RJM with valuable healthcare experience from his time as a Project Engineer at a previous employer. Very quickly, Josh began working with Curtis Sell and Justin Rice and was able to understand our accounting, project management, and scheduling software.  Between many projects in different markets, Josh has shown his ability to effectively manage projects with very little oversight.  He quickly took over most PM duties on smaller projects which easily gains him credibility with demanding audiences by being thorough, prepared, and adaptable.

Promoted to Project Engineer II

Hunter Koesters has been with RJM since his graduation from MN State Mankato a year ago, but also was a Project Manager Intern with RJM during 2020.  Immediately when he started as an intern, the project teams that Hunter worked with were impressed with his ability to quickly pick up on details and correlate his education into real-world applications. Hunter picked up where he left off when he joined RJM full-time and has not skipped a beat. Hunter has shown his ability to prioritize, multitask, and stay organized, making him an integral part of our team.

Jack Benson joined RJM nearly a year ago with little construction management experience but quickly immersed himself into the Carousel Audi project and helped Sam Sheehan manage a project that had a complex schedule. Jack’s ability to quickly learn RJM’s processes allowed him assist in continuing the longstanding relationship we have with Carousel. Before the Audi project was complete, Jack and the project team took on additional small Carousel projects and he’s proven to be dependable and overall a fantastic addition to our team. Jack also has an easy going attitude and eager willingness to take on any challenge.

Promoted to Senior Estimator

Matt Severson has been a critical team member since joining our team a number of years ago.  Matt has demonstrated exceptional estimating and client relations through his work on numerous projects.  Notably, Matt has worked on a number of projects within our Construction Management work portfolio.  For the past 2-3 years Matt has worked diligently and extensively on the Duffey project.  Matt has handled each challenge with composure and is always willing to help out the team

From left to right: Hunter Koesters, Curtis Sell Jr., Matt Severson, Jack Benson, Josh Arbogast