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By David Mellang, service manager


How many people do you know that say every day at their job is different? How many people do you think truly mean it? For me, every day does seem to be truly different, and it is one of my favorite parts of my job as service manager.  I may start out each day with a rough plan of what needs to be done, but inevitably unique projects or challenges can arise.

I love being able to work directly with a client to come up with creative solutions to solve a problem. For example, when a client comes to you looking for a way to spruce up an area of their facility by emulating a racetrack, who am I to refuse?

I jumped at the opportunity to work with our client, BMW of Minnetonka, to transform an existing area of the dealership into a standout racetrack car display.

BMW M Model cars are described as being high performance, packed with power, and made to excel on the track and the street. BMW of Minnetonka was looking for a way to exhibit their M model cars. This is where the fun comes in. After discussion and a lot of collaboration, the plan was to revitalize the floor. We carried this out by utilizing a floor graphic over approximately 900 SF of existing tile, installing a new vinyl graphic on an existing display stand, adding an accent color to the wall, and installing a new M logo lit sign.  All the graphics and colors were designed to replicate a racetrack and utilize the iconic BMW M colors – blue, purple, and red. One of the large coordination items was to confirm this floor graphic would withstand the elements of a car dealership. We tested this by installing a smaller floor graphic and ran cleaning equipment and cars over it for one week before installing the 900 SF of floor graphics.

Overall, this was a fun new solution that yielded great-looking results and a happy client. This has become a great example of how our service team can tackle any unique project you may have. Learn more about our service team and service capabilities by checking out our webpage.