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Many companies are seeing more staff return to work, but we are far from knowing future office space needs. 

This is an uncertain time for the commercial real estate industry, particularly concerning corporate businesses whose knowledge workers have proven they can get work done without being confined to a cubicle. Many office buildings remain nearly empty, and many companies have no clear vision how – or if – to fill them up again. For many companies questions remain around what is the most efficient and agreeable work model for staff. We are seeing a mix of scenarios in play: full-time in-office hours, hybrid remote/in-office, and full-time remote. How are workers’ perspectives – fresh from coming out of a remote- and Zoom-driven culture – impacting these decisions? Where does your company stand on this issue? What drives the decision? As many will agree, there is no one clear-cut solution for all.

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Photo by Eastman Childs on Unsplash