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RJM has the capability to develop three-dimensional models on projects to simulate the real-world building process. Through Building Information Modeling (BIM), we collaborate with the entire project team, providing value in systems analysis and constructability reviews, enabling the team to make more informed decisions regarding the design, systems, efficiency and quality of a project.

The purpose of BIM is to make the building process efficient and eliminate uncertainties. Virtual design technology saves time, streamlines design and minimizes risk.

What value does BIM bring to projects?

1. Realistic model of the design
2. Sparks conversations internally and with the client

Working with schematic 2D drawings we can produce 3D models that help the client and our project team visualize and understand the project more fully. Through the process of creating and reviewing the 3D models internal dialogue begins and leads to risk mitigation and avoids design conflict even before we step foot on site.

How does BIM help YOU, the client?

During the pre-construction process we can visually demonstrate our project approach in an animated, realistic view. The tool can help bridge client expectations with RJM’s execution plan, opening the door to important project conversations.

What is the future for RJM and virtual design?

We will continue to evolve and implement new technology to help our clients visualize their projects, with resources including a drone and 360-degree camera.