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From complex renovations to major new construction

RJM Construction ensures every detail of your project is managed with forethought and precision.

We work with you as an advocate during the entire process, from preconstruction to closeout. Our services go far beyond the construction of your facility; we lead the team to deliver the project true to your vision. We provide insight and cost options during preconstruction to guide the project team, resolve issues before they happen, and enable you to make educated decisions. We ask questions and provide expedited cost analysis in step with decision timelines.

Value Analysis

No matter the budget, it’s our job to provide all the cost-saving ideas that are available for the team’s evaluation and implementation. We tap into decades of experience to know where costs can be reduced without sacrificing the function of the building or the vision and design. We have seen that a careful review between schematic design and construction document completion can result in cost savings or alternative solutions, ensuring that your capital is well-spent.

Flexibility and Responsiveness
New information can change project goals and programming but because we have the experience and resources of a large contractor while being small, flexible, and nimble, we’re able to react to changes and quickly shift gears as needed to best serve you.
Aggressive Scheduling
We consistently build faster and at a higher quality by using Lean principles. We engage our trade contractors early in the process, ensuring realistic expectations are set, quality is met, and the schedule is maintained.
Fueled by Collaboration
Detailed execution is just part of the equation. It also involves clear communication between all team members, careful budget management, and relentless adherence to schedules. We’re driven to make your project a success, every step of the way.

Builders First

We are more than just a “paper pushing” manager — we are builders. For proper project execution, a builder’s input is important in handling the challenges of design and construction. Time and time again we have seen that our creative solutions result in significant cost savings. As a general contractor and construction manager, we are fully integrated into the subcontracting community, which means we pull from a qualified subcontractor base, resulting in a greater quantity of bids received at a more economical price.

Adept at Complicated Projects
We know how to build projects involving occupied facilities, multiple phases, unique materials, building additions, and structural modifications. When we’re involved early in the process and able to give input during the design from a builder’s perspective, we immediately add value to the overall project. You’ll benefit from proactive planning, detailed phasing, and timely communication.
MEP Services
Our dedicated, in-house MEP staff maximizes value for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems analysis. We analyze and weigh the merits of pricing choices like when a piece of equipment may cost more upfront, but it’d have a much longer life expectancy and a reduced maintenance requirement, making it more cost effective in the long run.
Project Executive Involvement
Our company is small enough that our executive team has direct and meaningful impact on a project. They provide leadership and guidance by identifying potential challenges early on, then creating solutions to ensure the project stays within budget and on schedule. In doing so, we can ensure project expectations are met, if not exceeded.
Skilled Communication
Your team will always have a clear understanding of the project status. To ensure ongoing, open communication, we hold weekly team meetings to review the minutes and communication logs documenting RFIs, submittals, costs, and any issues that may arise. Then after each meeting, we send out digital copies of the meeting minutes.

Guiding Your Project With Practiced Hands

The RJM team brings personal attention and hands-on experience to your construction journey. We know that success takes clear communication, planning, and flexibility, even as project conditions change. Count on us for creative ideas, game-changing insights, and the best construction experience possible.