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Our proactive approach and exceptional standards drive our quality control program.

Quality control is enforced and maintained throughout your project.

At RJM we know that the quality of work performed and the materials used can make or break the success of a project. Our clients can count on RJM’s quality control program right from the start, from preconstruction through to closeout, to eliminate unforeseen challenges.


Our director of quality control participates in preconstruction meetings to review design specifications, and then during construction, follows through during the installation of these key components.

A key step during design in the quality control process is to ensure that only qualified contractors are hired for the project. We know that limited experience and substandard work can have a detrimental effect on the long-term performance of critical systems. The team holds pre-installation conferences with subcontractors to review expectations prior to the commencement of work. During these meetings approved submittals are presented, mock-up systems are analyzed, and critical plan details are discussed to confirm work sequencing.

These proactive meetings mitigate issues before they arise. Another important step in the process is to ensure qualified subcontractors are selected for critical areas of work on the project. We work closely with the subcontractors, with the goal of meeting the budget and schedule while delivering a superior product.


The quality of materials and installation procedures are strictly monitored by RJM. The superintendent and quality control director work closely together and utilize a daily checklist to ensure the contractors are following the specified requirements. The quality and efficiency of critical components such as exterior wall structures, window systems, veneers, and roofing and more are inspected and approved to ensure the structure meets our high standards and your expectations.

A strong closeout is as critical to the success of a project as the preconstruction and planning phase. To deliver a clean closeout, RJM starts the process months before the scheduled completion date. This brings value by allowing time to achieve 100% detailed completion, along with expedited document and cost closeout.