Inside RJM

We are committed to helping each other develop and listening to needs. From workplace solutions to employee engagement, benefits at RJM have the team at the forefront. By doing this, the same attitude will reflect with clients in helping them achieve their vision with flawless support and execution. Our brand embraces the heart of the concept that your vision is at the core.


Featured Team

Tom Druk

Project Manager

What is one thing you enjoy about your role or working for RJM?

I enjoy that each day brings on a new set of challenges, and that each day is never like the one that went before.

What is one thing you’ve learned since being in the construction industry?

I’ve learned that connecting with people on a personal level, whether that be subcontractors, architects or owners, makes our job more enjoyable and often allows many of our projects to run smoother.

What is something most people don’t know about you? Or fun fact?

My parents build new residential homes and I lived in about 15 different houses growing up.