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Team Member Spotlight

Hunter Koesters


What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on the new Duffey 2.0 project in North Loop Minneapolis. I am also a part of the Employee Engagement and Wellness Committee and working on enhancing our physical wellness program at RJM.

What is one thing you enjoy about your role or working for RJM?

I enjoy the responsibility and challenges that come with every project. I started out at RJM as an intern in Summer 2020 and was hired on full time in June 2021. From the start I felt like RJM had a great company culture, and it still stands true! I am continuously pushed out of my comfort zone and have the ability to improve myself professionally every day.

What is one thing you’ve learned since being in the construction industry?

Teamwork and communication are critical to any successful project. No job can be completed by one person. All projects require us to put our heads together and work as a team.

What is something most people don’t know about you? Or a fun fact?

I was a part of the 2014 Chisago Lakes hockey team that made an appearance in the MN State Hockey Tournament. The last appearance in school history was back in 1995.

getting involveD and Giving back 
Serving our Communities

Our team is dedicated to enriching the communities we serve—whether through volunteering, financial contributions, or donating our construction services to nonprofit organizations. As a company, we’re proud to do our part in supporting community members and causes for the benefit of all. 

At RJM Construction, we believe that the measure of our work is the positive effect it has on others. We are proud to give back in any way we can to lift others up, strengthen communities, and change our world for the better. 

Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

At RJM, we understand the importance of moving beyond good intent in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices to measurable impact. We are invested in developing the cultural competence of our internal teams and identifying ways to weave sustainable DEI practices and principles into our company policies and strategic goals.  

Incorporated into our mission, vision, and values are DEI best practices. At RJM, we 

  • Welcome, respect, and value the diversity of our staff, subcontractors, partners, and clients 
  • Do not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or unfair treatment of individuals 
  • Promote maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences 
  • Address and remove barriers to DEI efforts through company processes, policies, practices, programs, and services 
  • Accept differences and work to eliminate unconscious bias 
  • Be responsible and address instances where our values are not upheld
  • Initiate productive change through meaningful conversations and awareness building  


Building Relationships with SMWBEs

Diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business are important to us, so we make it a priority to build relationships with small, minority, and women-owned business enterprises (SMWBE) with whom we can partner for subcontract work in the community. To create these important relationships, RJM proactively solicits SMWBEs through targeted outreach, job fairs, partnering programs, mentoring opportunities, and networking events. 

In addition to networking with organizations like National Association of Minority Contractors, MEDA, and Association of Women Contractors, we host pre-bid informational meetings to present local and SMWBE contractors with potential opportunities. We also invite contractors to open houses to explain bid packages, procurement schedules, and processes. 

2021 Summer Interns
mentorship and outreach
Internship Program

Through our engagement with higher education institutions and other organizations, over the years RJM has developed an internship program that aligns with our values and mission. Not only does this program allow us to provide mentorship and outreach, having young talent here at RJM touches many aspects of our business in positive ways: 

  • Fosters leadership opportunities with current employees 
  • Provides assistance during busy summer construction season 
  • Closes the skills gap for new hires to better prepare them for work after graduation 
  • Provides an opportunity to share knowledge with the university for curriculum alignment 
  • Gain fresh perspectives and insight into university construction curriculum and latest technology 
  • Establishes platform for RJM brand 


We attract interns through outreach at career fairs and involvement with numerous industry- and community-based associations. We also encourage our employees to stay connected with their alma matter and to share our intern message whenever possible. We also attract candidates through word-of-mouth from interns who have successfully completed the program. 


Building Better Futures Together

At RJM Construction, we are committed to helping each other develop and grow—both as people and professionals. We achieve this by building workplace solutions and benefits that put our team at the forefront. From professional development and educational opportunities to team lunches and happy hours, we encourage each other to learn, innovate, share our successes together.

These efforts help us bring collaboration, positive attitudes, and cutting-edge solutions to every construction project we take on, ensuring our work helps clients achieve their unique vision.