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RJM’s preconstruction services bring efficiency and better decision-making to your project.


As your preconstruction partner, we can deliver your project while navigating the budget and schedule to meet your needs and goals. We provide a collaborative environment for the project team to work together to deliver your vision.

RJM’s preconstruction group includes a dedicated estimating team, a director of MEP design and coordination, and a virtual design expert. They work together to provide value assuring the design vision, construction requirements, and project costs are in harmony.

Laser-Focused Estimating 

A dedicated team of estimators are the core of our preconstruction department and they ensure estimates are accurate. We provide detailed information supporting the estimates and engage our subcontractor trade partners for real-time market pricing.  We engage trade partners from the very beginning of the process to leverage their expertise and input to drive value. Our success is driven by our proactive approach long before the first shovel breaks ground. With 90% of all cost savings on projects identified during preconstruction, our dedicated team leads the process to deliver the best value for your budget.

Read more about our Estimating Team.

Efficient Scheduling 

We approach scheduling as a partnership among the entire project team. The process begins at project definition and identifies key milestones such as design, client planning, bidding, and actual construction duration. To develop and implement schedules we utilize various scheduling techniques including the Last Planner System, Critical Path Scheduling Method and just-in-time deliveries, ensuring all schedules are met.

In-house MEP and Virtual Design

RJM is an experienced mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design-build construction partner. Our design-build expertise and internal resources allow collaboration with our clients, subcontractors, and the project architect, from concept through commissioning. This ensures that the building is comfortable, efficient, and functional, and meets with the client’s high standards for both exterior and interior aesthetics.

RJM partners with our clients, pre-qualified subcontractors, and the entire design team early in the process to and we maintain a commitment to our projects through occupancy. We know that great projects require both excellent and detailed design as well as professional execution.

During the preconstruction process we visually demonstrate our project approach in an animated, realistic view opening the door to important project considerations and conversations. 

Not only did they finish on time and on budget—they stepped in on numerous occasions to offer ideas, workarounds, and solutions to challenges that would otherwise have resulted in cost overages . . . the RJM team was a reliable partner throughout.

– Jeff Eaton, CWN
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Guiding Your Project With Practiced Hands

The RJM team brings personal attention and hands-on experience to your construction journey. We know that success takes clear communication, planning, and flexibility, even as project conditions change. Count on us for creative ideas, game-changing insights, and the best construction experience possible.