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RJM’s construction services ensure active engagement and alignment with your goals.

Construction Services

At RJM, we believe the success of a project relies on a proactive approach from the start. We are driven by a client-centered philosophy that starts with active engagement with the end-users. The key to successful construction projects always includes effective planning, clear communication, and the ability to remain flexible with changing project conditions.

We consider ourselves an extension of your team. We drive the project with your interests in mind from start to finish, and if we do everything right, your experience with us will be seamless.

What value does our construction expertise bring to your project?
  • Project, schedule, and subcontractor management
  • Transparent communication and project tracking
  • Budget, cost, and design integrity
  • Quality assurance and safety


RJM’s construction process drives results. Our goal is to make a lasting impression, driven by a rewarding construction experience. We execute projects through a spirit of collaboration, creating environments where your business or community can thrive.

RJM does a great job of helping a city stay in budget while delivering an amazing community space that is above and beyond my expectations.

– Julie Trude, Andover Mayor
Project Management and Solution Development 

If you request enhancements to the project, we’ll work with the project team to clarify them and provide guidance on the most cost-effective way to complete the work. With these items, we provide an updated project budget at every project meeting.  

Our Scheduling Process 

Scheduling begins at project definition and identifies design, client planning, bidding, and actual construction duration. We support the project team with a comprehensive schedule considering all critical milestones. This will be a partnership among the entire project team to ensure realistic expectations are set within efficient work sequences.  

Subcontractor Relationships and Management

Our philosophy when working with our subcontracting partners is to seek the most qualified teams with proven track records of meeting project expectations. We are committed to providing clear communication, support, and building long-term partnerships with them, just as we are with our clients.  

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Led by our quality control director, we apply a comprehensive quality control program to each phase of a project, from design and bid solicitation to post-construction. These efforts ensure that your project runs efficiently, is sequenced properly, and achieves an ideal balance between value and quality. Specifically, during construction, we conduct pre-installation meetings and develop detailed mockups to help sequence building activities, support informed material decisions, and hold the installation to an agreed-upon quality standard.

RJM Construction’s Safety Program 

Safety is integral to our business. We believe that safety, quality, and productivity are interrelated, and we have adopted a comprehensive program to carry out that philosophy. Our policy is to provide required safety training for all employees, utilize high-performing safety equipment, and set clear expectations and standards for subcontractors. RJM’s safety director and safety manager provide leadership and oversight regarding the safety aspects of every project to ensure hazard-free working environments. 

Experience Modification Factor (EMR) History  

Providing and maintaining a safe working environment for everyone on the site is our highest priority on the project. Our superintendent closely monitors the work of the contractors daily, ensuring safety procedures are being followed. Maintaining a consistent safety record clean of safety violations is crucial to us.  

2022 – .74
2021 – .87
2020 – .80


Guiding Your Project with Practiced Hands

The RJM team brings personal attention and hands-on experience to your construction journey. We know that success takes clear communication, planning, and flexibility, even as project conditions change. Count on us for creative ideas, game-changing insights, and the best construction experience possible.