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Healthcare Construction at RJM

Since 1997, we have provided construction solutions for new healthcare facilities, building additions, occupied environments, and even the most complex medical facilities. Our team has completed several million square feet of healthcare construction projects, including hospital renovations, family practice clinics, and the most sophisticated surgery, imaging, and emergency centers. 

We know that building today’s healthcare facilities requires clear communication, collaborative planning, and the team’s ability to remain flexible when project conditions change. We strive to think like you—the owner—to deliver efficient healing spaces that meet your goals and move patient care forward. 

What We Bring to Your Healthcare Project 
  • Extensive healthcare project expertise. 
  • Experienced, certified healthcare project team members dedicated to achieving the client’s vision. 
  • An in-house preconstruction team, estimating process, and value engineering expertise for cost efficiency without negatively impacting design.



  • Hospitals
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Pharmacies
  • Labs
  • Specialty Clinics and Facilities



Balancing the Needs of Patients and Staff

We make it a priority to understand the needs of patients, families, and staff, and current and future building functions, then we work to balance costs with ongoing operational efficiency. The success of a project depends on how these differing needs are managed, which is why we thoughtfully consider all these factors in our planning.

Working in Occupied Spaces

We do a significant amount of healthcare construction within occupied facilities. Recognizing that patient care is ongoing, our projects involve careful planning and collaboration with design, construction, and healthcare staff. Our process includes assembling a project schedule that considers every detail from construction phasing to infection control risk assessment (ICRA) planning, and even inspection processes.

Disruption Avoidance

We have developed a new standard for temporary walls using the Starc System for public-facing temporary walls to reduce noise while improving air quality to adjacent spaces. These temporary walls provide a clean, professional look and make space appear finished, despite construction activities occurring on the other side of the wall. In addition to their professional appearance, the walls can be erected and dismantled much faster than traditional temporary wall systems. In a hospital setting, we’ve installed more than 300 linear feet of Starc temporary walls in six hours, greatly reducing disruption to the fully occupied facility.

Attentive to the Patient Care Environment

Our field management and staff are certified and trained in Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) and understand the delicate requirements of working in occupied facilities, so we’re always closely monitoring safety protocols. Additionally, we know how to implement effective noise mitigation and the installation of temporary walls and dust containment systems.


Our healthcare team builds your project putting the needs of your patients and staff first.

Healthcare Campus Construction Logistics

RJM Construction engages your healthcare campus staff and user groups, and together, we create and communicate an effective plan to mitigate and successfully work through the challenges identified. 

Our team will:

  • Provide useful constructability reviews to healthcare staff and project design team.
  • Create clear, effective schedules, and update them regularly.
  • Provide planned service interruption schedules.
  • Submit ICRA & ILSM to healthcare staff for review and approval.
  • Coordinate with campus security and operational staff on an integrated security plan.
  • Identify critical construction phases and communicate impacts to staff.
  • Take preventative measures and have alternative plans for construction operations.
Our healthcare builders pay close attention to: 
Security protocols
Construction and campus safety measures
Infection control
Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM)
Imaging equipment access
Ambulance access
Staff, patient, and visitor routing
Vehicle and delivery routing
Campus existing utility line disruption
Construction vibration and noise assessment
Electrical service interruptions
Dust and odor control
Construction staging


A Dedicated Team

You can count on our healthcare construction team to be familiar with your campus, staff, quality standards, and expectations. In preparation for a project, we evaluate team member workloads to ensure they have the resources, capacity, and commitment needed to effectively complete the preconstruction and construction schedule without any conflicts. Then we provide an in-house preconstruction team to advance your project through efficient cost estimating, scheduling, and value management.

Continued Education

Our healthcare team is actively engaged in continued learning through the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) and our field staff is trained in ICRA awareness by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. Also, several team members have earned the designation of Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) by the American Hospital Association. A national credential held by an elite group of healthcare construction professionals shows dedicated training on healthcare codes, standards, guidelines, and compliance initiatives.


Guiding Your Project With Practiced Hands

The RJM team brings personal attention and hands-on experience to your construction journey. We know that success takes clear communication, planning, and flexibility, even as project conditions change. Count on us for creative ideas, game-changing insights, and the best construction experience possible.


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