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Caribou Technologies

Caribou Technologies contracted RJM to complete their build out of a 15,000 SF office space and a 35,000 SF warehouse and manufacturing facility.

Caribou Technologies specializes in medical technology devices in which rapid prototyping and manufacturing must take place. RJM partnered with Caribou, CBRE and the design team to create a space that spoke directly to their philosophy. A space that was adaptable to the future and allowed for constant production in order to alleviate the wait times in getting product to the market, which is crucial to the success of their business.

RJM completed the work in 10 short weeks. The schedule included pouring a new concrete slab with underground plumbing. Careful planning and phasing resulted in the successful, on time delivery of the project.

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Caribou Technologies


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Minneapolis, MN

Square Feet
50,000 sq ft

Pope Architects

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