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City of Apple Valley Police Department

The City of Apple Valley is enhancing its law enforcement capabilities with a modern single-story Police Building, an essential addition to the existing City Hall. This facility addresses pressing staffing needs, considering limited space for expansion within the primary facility.

The project involves demolishing an existing structure, replacing the city water main, installing a retaining wall, and implementing a security fence. It also includes preparations for a future solar panel system and solar-powered site lighting, all while navigating high-pressure petroleum pipelines during construction.

The facility accommodates temperature-controlled storage for 30 vehicles, supports electric vehicle charging, and provides space for evidence storage, firearm servicing, K-9 amenities, and various offices and support areas.

This project is committed to environmental responsibility, seeking Green Globes Certification to showcase its dedication to sustainability and ecological health.

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City of Apple Valley


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Apple Valley, MN

Square Feet

Oertel Architects

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