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League of Minnesota Cities

The League of Minnesota Cities selected RJM Construction to remodel the interior space of their building in St. Paul.

After 30 years, the League of Minnesota Cities determined it was time for a refresh in appearance and functionality. RJM and the design-build team of BWBR worked with the LMC team to realize their vision. BWBR’s design transformed their existing private and/or enclosed space to an open, flexible, and collaborative workplace. Renovations involved a complete refresh of the first and second floors, featuring a new reception area, elevator modernization, meeting rooms, breakrooms, and stairwell and atrium refreshes.

The biggest challenge on this project was adapting to COVID-19 safety precautions. The RJM worked together closely with LMC and trade and design partners to adapt to new PPE protocols, and to resolve material procurement challenges by creative sequencing and expedited scheduling.

Through early involvement, RJM contributed greatly with a smart phasing plan and a construction budget that was focused always on prioritization, careful evaluation, and the leveraging of “best value.” With phased construction, RJM also managed a timely schedule, accommodated partial occupancy, and maintained a clean job site.

NOMINATED for Finance & Commerce Top Projects 2020 – Renovation category

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League of Minnesota Cities


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St. Paul, MN

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