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Team RJM continues to strengthen partnership with Minnetonka High School’s skilled trades program, MOMENTUM

February 15, 2024

Team RJM is excited to continue strengthening its partnership with Minnetonka High School’s skilled trades program, MOMENTUM! The program is tailored for juniors and seniors at Minnetonka High School eager to explore post-secondary opportunities in the trades. One specific track within the program focuses on the construction industry and related career paths. The objective is to provide viable alternatives for students seeking a successful career without the immediate necessity of pursuing a traditional four-year college degree right after high school.

Last week, RJM’s Director of Quality Control, Mike Johnson, participated in Minnetonka Momentum’s Skilled Trades Panel, highlighting the tremendous learning and professional opportunities at Minnetonka High School and in the construction industry post-graduation. The panel covered everything from the industry’s employment outlook to advice for one’s 17-year-old self. Brent Veninga, Minnetonka Momentum Instructor, expressed gratitude for the panel, stating, “We are so very grateful for how each of you is helping our students in various ways… The comments I received from families after each of our sessions were simply tremendous.”

This week, RJM volunteers lead ‘mini-youth apprenticeship’ groups through their respective job sites. Alexus Jackson guided a group through Duffey 2.0, Jeff Mauder‘s group explored Twin Cities Orthopedics Waconia, Nate Plohasz was at TRIA GameFace, and Tony Howard visited the BMW Minnetonka dealership. During these visits, they walked through each site, offering insights into the current project phase and related components and details on safety and quality.

This is an exciting program to be involved with, and RJM is especially encouraged to see the diverse group of students interested in this career pathway. Thanks to everyone at Minnetonka High School and Team RJM for the support!

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