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Project management team members receive well-deserved promotions

February 23, 2022

Congratulations to Steven Nickell, Curtis Sell Jr., Sam Sheehan, Aaron Chappuis, and Jarrek Linden on their promotions


Promoted to Senior Project Manager

Steven Nickell, who started at RJM as project engineer 10 years ago, has worked through just about every angle of project management from start to finish on a wide variety of projects.  Whether they’re small or large, straightforward or complex, negotiated or gained through bid/proposal, Steven has managed K-12 projects, multi-site community projects, technical/industrial space remodels, and more. Not only does he keep on top of his schedules and budgets, he does it with a steady demeanor reassuring clients and partners alike. Additionally, Steven has been instrumental with various proposal pursuits, preconstruction efforts, and project engineer training.

Curtis Sell Jr. has been with RJM for nearly ten years. He is well-versed in CMa contracts serving community clients, managing complex healthcare environments, as well as the odd luxury car dealership. Over the years the trust he has built with our clients and design partners often results in repeat assignments. He has become a resident expert in public works facilities including award-winning work.  As well as juggling projects, he’s done a great job with RJM interns in 2021 and new teammates as they’ve come onboard, and often volunteers in the community (just ask him about the time he was in charge of a bunch of unruly and energetic Cub Scouts . . . more demanding than the most complex project!).

Sam Sheehan has worked at RJM for nearly six years. Tough project? Tough budget? No problem for Sam. Especially in today’s construction climate with uncertain lead times and escalating prices, Sam is skillful in navigating through the challenges, keeping the interests of all stakeholders at the forefront. One of Sam’s current projects is the North Metro Range Regional Training Facility. Demonstrating his depth of expertise, he is also working on preconstruction on a K-12 expansion project and a specialty healthcare clinic. Sam welcomes new project opportunities no matter how complex. He is known for always doing a great job of understanding and communicating project constraints, both internally and externally. 

Promoted to Project Engineer II 

Aaron (AJ) Chappuis started with RJM in mid-2021 as project engineer I, and quickly jumped in on several projects as varied as a specialty veterinary clinic, a K-12 school, and a major interior restoration project in downtown Minneapolis. AJ has quickly learned our systems and taken an active, leading role on his projects. His consistent willingness to jump into any project and to help team members or task with a positive attitude is much appreciated by all.

Jarrek Linden began as a project engineer I in 2021, and since then has been managing the completion tracking of the punch list for the Duffey Lofts project—which is no small feat! He is also supporting both the project management group and Service team by helping take on small projects. Jarrek’s next project will be a dental clinic in the East Metro where he will join our experienced healthcare team. 


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